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The sky is not the limit

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Let's make it your playground

Join us for an unforgettable

ocean view skydiving experience!

We’re the only skydiving center that offers a truly unique experience. It starts with a scenic flight over the Pacific Ocean and Downtown San Diego, where you’ll enjoy breathtaking views from above.

We also fly over Imperial Beach and Coronado Island, offering glimpses of stunning views of Mexico as we turn the plane around. Finally, the ultimate thrill awaits you with a tandem jump into the skies, providing a perfect view of the Pacific Ocean!

With over 100,000 jumps under our belt, we are your trusted guides on this skydiving journey!

Experience the thrill with our elite team of passionate instructors — who love guiding first-timers. Harness their 100,000 tandem jumps expertise for a secure adventure! 

And if you’re feeling extra daring, they might even let you take control of the parachute for a bit! So, let’s jump into this exciting experience together and make some extraordinary memories!

Celebrate any occasion with us

—No experience needed!

From birthdays to marriage proposals, team-building events, and every occasion in between, join us for a tandem skydive and experience the adrenaline rush of a 120 MPH free fall followed by a serene canopy ride—your thrill, our Pacific Coast Skydive. Our expert team guarantees your safety as we ascend thousands of feet.

Looking for the perfect gift?

Cool, customizable Gift Certificates are now available with no minimum purchase required. Call now to order! 

New to Skydiving in California?

We’ve got you covered!


• Participants must be 18 years or older

  • Secure your spot with a personalized skydiving reservation or call us!
  • Weight Limit: 230 pounds (Contact us if you exceed this; we might still accommodate you)
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to fill out your waiver
  • Your instructor will assist you in gearing up and guide you through the boarding the plane.
  • Experience the thrill as the plane door opens, the wind rushes in, and you hear the countdown: READY, SET…GO!!!
  • After free-fall, enjoy a peaceful parachute descent with stunning views of San Diego downtown and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Plan to spend a couple of hours for your complete skydiving experience

Experience the excitement! Watch our highlights reel!

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Your Safety is our priority

We are USPA Member and Certified Dropzone

Our awesome team of USPA-certified tandem instructors at Pacific Coast Skydiving has your back. Ensuring a safe and thrilling skydiving experience. So, get ready to dive into the excitement with confidence! 🛩️✨

USPA Membership Certificate

US Parachute Association Website

Best tandem jump rates!

We've got the unbeatable rates in San Diego!


$ 179


$ 189

Media Services

Our instructors grab every exciting moment of your skydive so you can share the magic and the pure fun of your free-fall face with everyone. Add the video package when you book online or grab it at the drop zone on your skydiving day!

We are family-owned since 2004, with over 35 years of experience.

Andy, guides a first-time jumper over the breathtaking vista of the San Diego Coast.

Nestled in San Diego lies a gem of a drop zone, where camaraderie thrives, and every visitor feels like family.

Meet Andy, a seasoned professional who swapped stand-up comedy for a grander passion: transforming lives through skydiving. With over 35 years of experience, Andy blends his comedic flair with an unwavering dedication to safety, ensuring every adventure is both exhilarating and secure.

Ready to take the leap? Join Andy and our exceptional team of instructors, as we turn your skydiving experience into an unforgettable journey!

Conveniently Located for Your Adventure

Just 15 minutes south of downtown San Diego. Pacific Coast Skydiving is strategically positioned as your nearest and most accessible skydiving destination.

So, what’s holding you back? Give us a call! We’re always available to answer any questions and concerns.

Escape the ordinary!

Book your tandem jump now and make the sky your playground!

What People Say

porg life
porg life
Super amazing 🤩 Luke was my instructor very friendly and funny 😄 Easy peazy Think the scariest part was the plane ride up lol🫠 freefall was awesome wish it never ended 🥰
Jose Reese
Jose Reese
What an amazing staff!!! My son and I drove from out of town to make a weekend of our skydiving adventure. During our trip, we were informed that the weather wasn't playing nice and that they may have to cancel Friday and potentially Saturday (our original jump day). Long story short, they took us an entire day early to ensure that it wasn't a wasted trip. Well and the jump goes without saying 😁🤙🏾
Malena Mamedova
Malena Mamedova
The best experience I’ve ever had!!! Thank you Rosie for the constant communication and the rest of the team for this amazing experience!!
Lucinda Wiley
Lucinda Wiley
The guys are 👍 great. They all had a lot of experience. It was my first time and was FANTASTIC. I plan on doing it again whenever I can.
Jackie SR
Jackie SR
Dylan and Luke were super friendly and made our first time experience so much fun. We felt safe and didnt worry highly recommend. Our landing was smooth 🙌
Anna Prough
Anna Prough
probably the best thing i've ever done in my life:) i was very nervous but felt very safe with my guide lucas and all the other staff as well. overall it was an incredible experience and if you're like me reading reviews before going and you think you're too scared or overthinking, all i can say is this is your sign to go and just do it because it will be more than worth it and there's nothing to be scared of!
Peter Lindmark
Peter Lindmark
1st time skydiver here. Had an absolute blast and the folks running the business are the best. Would highly recommend!
Alvin tran
Alvin tran
This was my 4th time skydiving and this time, Pacific Coast Skydiving, made an unforgettable experience that was another one in the books. If you’re searching around for businesses that offer tandem sky diving, look no further because I will promise you that the guys here are the best at what they do. If this will be your first time then they provide to you with great safety course, in-depth instructions, sense of humor that will give you reassurance and fantastic customer service! If I’m ever back in the San Diego area, I will be sure to stop by for another jump! Thank you again, Pacific Coast Sky Diving!
Valeria Castro
Valeria Castro
Very friendly staff. Our experience was worth every penny. Our instructors found every way possible to make our nerves go away. Thank you so much!
Brenda B.
Brenda B.
Most amazing experience of my life!! The team is amazing! From those on the ground to those in the sky. Without them, my birthday gift wouldn't have happened. Let's do it again!
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M.
The best experience I've had. The instructors were so much fun and very knowledgeable. The whole experience was just top of the line. Thank you.
Mike B.
Mike B.
An amazingly awesome experience. We went for my wife's birthday, November 7, and we now have a new passion. Many thanks to Rosie, and Andy, who run things. And special thanks to Dylan and Luke, who tandemed with us. Thanks to Scott for packing us up and driving us back to the terminal. Where are all we will be going again when it's my birthday in April. You have to try it!
Rebecca M.
Rebecca M.
The entire team at Pacific Coast Skydiving is amazing! I planned this jump as a surprise for my husband's 50th birthday and it was definitely a day to remember. Our instructors, Luke & Dylan, were incredible! They both did all they could to ensure our experience was safe, fun, and memorable. I highly recommend purchasing the photo and video package. You will not be disappointed that you did. Shout out to our pilot, Kevin...he made sure we saw some incredible views of the ocean. Andy and his team at Pacific Coast Skydiving are top notch!
ileay h.
ileay h.
What a way to celebrate my birthday. James thank you for keeping alive and giving me the best experience of my life!
Mario Joseph Cristina G.
Mario Joseph Cristina G.
It was such a great experience! highly recommend. The staff were professional, nice and answered all of my questions.
Baran K.
Baran K.
I really enjoyed the jump with great experienced instructors. I jumped with someone that almost finished 12K of jumps, respect! He was a great person and he made me feel super comfortable for someone that has never done it. I couldnt help but giving him a hug at the end. I recommend this place and the jumping experience to everyone. Thanks guys!
Frank R.
Frank R.
This place was awesome! The people are super chill. No long wait , the paperwork and going over the dos and dont's took maybe 30min. Then you are in the plane with an amazing view of San Diego and Mexico border along the coast! AWSOME! Shout out to James! Dude was cool af' cracking jokes and making it a great experience all around! I'll definitely be doing this again! I received the video within in a few hours to my email. It was a great .The edit with the 3 songs I got to pick! Worth it!
Hillary K.
Hillary K.
Greatest. Experience. Ever. Easy check in, comfortable environment and so friendly. I jumped tandem with Andy and the guy is an absolute legend! He eliminated all the nerves with humor and made the experience unbelievable!
Matthew W.
Matthew W.
Fkn 10 stars! Where to begin? I scheduled a jump for my girlfriend and I for her birthday. Unfortunately the weather made us reschedule but Rosie's communication was 10/10 in the weeks leading to the jump. She was so helpful and so friendly. Finally we get to jump when the weather permits and the two coolest dudes are our tandem partners. Luc and Simian. I'll let you meet them. It was an awesome ride up, a crazy ride down, and I can't tell everyone enough how much they should do it... and if you can GO WITH PACIFIC COAST SKYDIVING!!

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7:00 – 10:00 Pacific Time

Our USPA-certified instructors at Pacific Coast Skydiving ensure a safe and thrilling skydiving experience.